"I was tantalised by this work in progress."

Rock Paper Shotgun

"Life's about the journey, or something, and this one is quite heady."

"Amazing Game"

Richard Lemarchand

Souvenir is a first-person video game about growing up and leaving home. The disorientation of becoming an adult is reflected in the surreal M.C. Escher-inspired world with multiple gravities. As the player delves into the fragmented world of her childhood memories, she chooses certain "souvenirs" to take with her to adulthood, to form the narrative of her coming of age.

Souvenir is a collaborative thesis project from:
Robert Yang, Mohini Dutta, and Ben Norskov.

It was created while completing a Design and Technology MFA at Parsons.

Sound Design by Alejandro Ghersi. Animation and Concept Art by Shin Huang.

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